Grab Your Warrior Time!

Pam is excited to announce the April 11 release of her latest time travel novel, THE IMMORTAL (Immortal Warrior Book 2). To celebrate, Wild Rose Press has reduced the price of the Kindle format of THE INSCRIPTION, her first Immortal Warrior Book, to just .99 through April 30. Get both books today!

Gift a Knight for $2.99!

Just in time for holiday gifting, Pam’s new time travel, GINGERBREAD KNIGHT, is now available for purchase. Only $2.99, and no supply issues! You’ll find a fun, downloadable gift card to go with the book right here, and remember to get a copy for yourself!

Christmas Deadline Coming November 4th!

Coming November 4 is my brand new novel, Christmas Deadline, which an early reader has compared to the Moonlighting, the ‘80s sitcom starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shephard. This delightful series was known for its mixture of drama, comedy and romance. I was excited and humbled at the comparison. In Christmas Deadline romance author Holly… Read More

The Quest Coming July 29th!

I’m excited to announce that my Highland time travel novel, The Quest, will be published by Wild Rose Press on July 29, 2020. In this update to an earlier time travel, I worked hard to increase the emotional resonance, the romantic feelings between my medieval apprentice witch and the warrior she summons to help her… Read More

Podcast interview for Christmas Knight

Join co-hosts Wendy Kendall and Carl Lee in A Novel Talk with Pam Binder. Romantic time travel will be involved and this epic author interview is historic. Pam Binder is a multi-talented, award winning author of ten novels. Interview

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Christmas at Mistletoe Lodge: New Holiday Romances to Benefit St. Judes Hospital

Shouting out to Kim Hornsby who once again has brought together wonderful and talented authors in a Christmas anthology. A portion of the proceeds is donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. I’m honored to be part of this amazing group of authors. Order at

How Historical Characters Add Layers To Your Novel.

Each book I write contains either the mention, or a cameo of a real-life historical character. I love weaving these characters into my stories, but there is always a reason for their involvement. My goal is to recreate the feeling I experienced when I read my first romance novel in fourth grade, FOREVER AMBER. Real-life… Read More

When Plots Fail

Chocolate Sponge Candy – When Plots Fail This picture doesn’t tell the whole story. If you look at it at the different angles, the glob of caramel and chocolate might look tasty. News flash – it’s not. The candy tastes like a cross between sticky taffy, and playdough. It is an embarrassing fact that I… Read More