Christmas Deadline Coming November 4th!

Coming November 4 is my brand new novel, Christmas Deadline, which an early reader has compared to the Moonlighting, the ‘80s sitcom starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shephard. This delightful series was known for its mixture of drama, comedy and romance. I was excited and humbled at the comparison.

In Christmas Deadline romance author Holly Lane and English mystery author Noel Atteberry agreed to co-author a book. But they’ve reached an impasse. Holly insists on her trademark happy ending, but Noel wants the couple to die in a fiery explosion. If they don’t meet their deadline, the advance they’ve been paid is history. Will Holly and Noel manage to write a happily-ever-after for their fictional couple—and themselves—by their Christmas Eve deadline? I hope you’ll check out my newest Christmas story and pre-order a copy for your reading enjoyment and perhaps for holiday gifting. It was a joy to write.

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