November 4, 2020

Christmas Deadline

If Holly Lane can’t finish her romance novel by Christmas, she must return the advance she spent to pay off her parents’ mortgage. Reluctantly she agrees to collaborate with English mystery author Noel Atterberry to finish the book.

Working together in Noel’s English manor, they feel the same heat of attraction as their fictional hero and heroine. But for Noel romance means heartbreak. With Holly, and in the novel they are co-writing together, he rejects a happy ending and demands their characters die in a fiery car crash. Will Holly and Noel manage to write a happily-ever-after for their fictional couple—and themselves—by their Christmas deadline?

Christmas Deadline is an original feel-good romance I loved from start to finish. The concept of two authors falling in love while writing together in a drafty British manor appeals to me on so many levels. The hero/heroine are bestselling authors who are strong in their fields but need a push to make their writing even better. In the beginning, it seems like they are opposites but as they get to know one another, they discover they are more alike. The romance between Holly and Noel is a bumpy road but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I kept rooting for them to get together. I found myself reading late into the night and when I finished, I hugged myself. Such a sweet ending. If you’re looking for a fun contemporary romance taking place during December, pick up Christmas Deadline. This is a yearly read for me now during the holidays. Highly recommend!” 5-star reader review by N.N. Light, Vine Voice 

“I am not sure which scene had me cracking up the most: when she [Holly] first meets Noel or when she met Catherine [his old girlfriend] . . . a book I could definitely read again.” –Stephanie Trujillo, More Than a Revie