November 4, 2020

Christmas Deadline

Holly Lane and English mystery author Noel Atteberry agreed to co-author a book, to help expand the readership for both writers. But late in the book they’ve reached an impasse. Holly insists on her trademark happy ending, but Noel wants the couple to die in a fiery explosion. At their publisher’s suggestion, Holly flies to England to work with Noel in person, in hopes of breaking the deadlock in time to meet their deadline.

Working side-by-side in Noel’s English manor, Holly and Noel feel the same heat of attraction as their fictional hero and heroine. But still there’s no agreement on that story ending. If they finish their book in time, they’ll lose the advance they both need to help their families. Will Holly and Noel manage to write a happily-ever-after for their fictional couple—and themselves—by their Christmas deadline?