Matchmaker Cafe Series #2
January 25, 2017
The Wild Rose Press (Fantasy Rose)
ISBN-10: 1509212787
ISBN-13: 9781509212781
Available in: Audio, e-Book, Trade Size

A Bride for a Day

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Worst New Year’s resolution…ever. Of course, Cinderella Charming, C.C. to the world, had heard of “marriages of convenience.” After all, her parents had named her and her siblings after fairytale characters, even though she resembled one of Cinderella’s cute mice friends rather than a princess. She was also an avid romance reader. But when her boss, the insanely handsome star quarterback and playboy Michael Campbell, proposed the fake marriage plan, her rational self screamed its objections. True, she’d be given a generous bonus when the marriage was annulled, so she could open her own restaurant. True, the fake marriage would help improve Michael’s image. True, she was in Scotland, one of her favorite places of all time. But C.C.’s main objection, and this was a big one, was that she feared she’d already fallen in love with Michael, and they would be spending New Year’s Eve “together” alone.

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