May 26, 2009
Gallery Books
ISBN-10: 1439173303
ISBN-13: 9781439173305
Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

The Enchantment

Pam Binder captures a passion that defies the ages in this mesmerizing new novel of love in the glorious Highlands.


Conor McCloud returns from the Crusades to discover his cousin has taken possession of Inverness, the McCloud castle. Fighting back to reclaim his family home, Conor makes a promise to a dying friend: seek out the woman whom a witch said could heal the land…a woman from another time and place.

Eilan Dougan has taken leave from her Colorado river rafting business to help sell her parents’ Seattle antique shop. Her uncanny ability to sense others’ thoughts has always set her apart — and when a dark Highlander appears and begs her help, she can’t refuse. But fourteenth-century Scotland is no place for a woman with Eilan’s powers. Now instead of Eilan saving Conor, Conor must rescue Eilan from charges of witchcraft — and decide whether love can withstand the ultimate test of time.

Originally published August 2001 in mass market paperback by Pocket Books.