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The Sense of TASTE

How do we learn? You’re probably wondering what an odd question. But ponder the question for a moment.

In school, we are taught through listening to a lecture, through reading textbooks or through writing down answers or constructing sentences. When you read a novel those same principles are in play.

Taste is a sense that is so much fun. Memorable scenes can be created using this wonderful sense. One of my favorite movies, as my students all know, is CHOCOLATE, with Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche and Judi Dench. The appreciation and meaning to each character plays a major theme throughout the movie. My love of chocolate even appears in every book I write. So much so that in THE INSCRIPTION, I did extensive research just to make sure chocolate was available in Europe during the time my story took place. I still love that scene.

When you add taste into your novel choose wisely, however. First think about the emotion you wish to create in your novel. What do you want your characters to feel when they are eating? Is the food in your novel seasonal? Yes, I know that in modern times, all foods are available. But when we see pumpkins we think about fall – pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving turkey. In the winter it is all about the hot cocoa, thick soups, and during the Holiday season we think about sugar cookies. Refer to your family traditions and add them to your story. These are the emotions you are searching for that will make your characters come alive.

What seasonal foods would you use in your novels to evoke spring and summer?

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