Bridget – Goddess of Inspiration

A word is more lasting,
 than all the riches of the world.
                 From a Connacht Love Song

Bridget, often called the “Flame of Ireland,” was born at sunrise and her birth celebrated with fire. Her father was know as the Dagda, who the Celts believed was an earth god responsible for life and death. She is one of the triple goddesses (a story for another time) and is known by many names in the Celtic world – Brid, Bride, Bridget, Brigan, Brignandu, Brigantia, Brighid and Brigindo. In Scotland the white swan is her symbol and an order of nuns in the Catholic Church were known as the Brigidline Sisters.

She is a complex character in Celtic history. She was the goddess of fertility, fire, forge, healing, hearth, home, was responsible for the birth of home crafts like knitting, basket weaving, candle making, taught mankind how to use plants and herbs, and last, but not least, Bridget was the goddess of inspiration.

The ultimate mult-tasker – in other words – the perfect woman.

Bridget is the ideal source of inspiration for me right now because I’ve set a goal to write 2,000 words per day. I’ve started a new book and I wanted it finished by the PNWA writer’s conference in July.

Find inspiration in the little things or seek out people you admire.









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