A writer’s dream come true!

Writing WARRIOR RISING felt like a dream come true and all because Terry Persun asked if I wanted to write a spin-off story based on his Doublesight series that is on Kindle Worlds.  The story was so fun to research and write. The evolution of why I chose whales began in February, 2015.  It’s always interesting that wen you think of someone they appear.  that’s how it happened with me. Because of health issues that my family was experiencing “healing” was on my mind.  and just like that I started seeing stories about killer whales everywhere. So when Terry asked me if I’d write a story, I knew it had to involve killer whales.  Terry Persun created a rich and multi layered world that he calls DOUBLESIGHT, where humans can shift into animal or human image.  This world has the texture and storytelling appeal of Native American legends and mythology.  I was honored that he asked me to participate.

The series will launch on September 1, 2015

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