When Plots Fail

Chocolate Sponge Candy – When Plots Fail

This picture doesn’t tell the whole story. If you look at it at the different angles, the glob of caramel and chocolate might look tasty. News flash – it’s not. The candy tastes like a cross between sticky taffy, and playdough. It is an embarrassing fact that I know what playdough tastes like.

In retrospect, I know what I did wrong. First, was choosing this recipe in the first place. Even in the picture from the cook book, I had my doubts, but it looked good, so I thought – what the heck. The second thing was thinking I could “wing it” and not use a candy thermometer. You can guess the rest. I stopped cooking it too soon and used the wrong size pan. What I learned was that this recipe was a lot like plots. Sometimes the plot looks good on the surface, but that doesn’t mean it will work.

I was caught up with the image, instead of looking at the plot from every angle. Was it right for the characters? Did it move the story forward? How did it fit with the other plots? Did they weave together easily, or id I have to force it?

Every time you try to force a plot into submission, think of this vision of Chocolate Sponge Candy. For those who are adventurous, I’ve included the recipe below. 🙂

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