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Vegan Chocolate Date Delights

For fun, I thought I’d talk about vegan desserts.  It’s true that you won’t have as big a sweet tooth once you venture into “Vegan Land”, but there are times when a sweet treat is a MUST HAVE.  If you’re in a hurry for that sugar high, try snacking on dates. Just a few is all it takes. I also mix a combination of raisins, pecans, almonds or walnuts ( I use pecans)  together for my own trail mix version.  For an added treat, you can add organic 80-100% chocolate chips or nibs. I included photos of both the energy snacks and cookie version. Now for a dessert recipe. The dessert discovery was an accident.  The Vegan Chocolate Date Delights, started out as an energy snack. I still use them that way and they really help me get through a long morning, or a busy afternoon — but every once in a way it’s fun to have a cookie. One day I wondered what they would taste like warm – with chocolate chips! Ta Da! A cookie was born Vegan Chocolate Date Delight Recipeenergy balls 2 2 tsp. dark chocolate nibs 6 dates, chopped. 2 tsp. cocoa powder 1/4 cup chopped pecans 1 cup old fashioned oats 1/3 cup honey 1/2 cup ground flax seeds 1/2 cup almond butter Combine ingredients and roll into 2 inch balls.  These can be used as energy snacks. Cookie Version. To turn them into cookies, flatten slightly, press dark chocolate chips on top and back at 300 degrees for only a few minutes.  Eat them right away!  I like to eat mine with a cup of tea while I’m writing scenes for my latest romance novel. If you try them I’d love to know your thoughts or how you changed them to fit your taste buds. Enjoy! Vegan Mama

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