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Scotland, 1328: Conjuring with all of her will. Ana de Dannon summons the greatest champion of the ages, Cuchulainn, the legendary Irish warrior. Only he could defeat Ana’s evil half-brother, Roderick, and free her mother, Rhiannon, from Edinburgh Tower.

In a perversely generous gesture – as he knows no man in the land will face him – Roderick has offered to release any prisoner whose champion can defeat him in a tournament.

But the powerful man Ana conjures is not Cuchulainn, though the word Warrior is written on his strange and colorful garment…and his face is hidden beneath a massive helmet. Ana has mistakenly called forth Kenneth MacKinnon, quarterback for the Seattle Warriors, and the greatest champion of his age – the year 2000. But he may be the hero she needs after all, when he learns to do battle for something greater than his own glory – the love of a fair maiden.

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A Valentine for EmmaA Valentine for Emma

Love takes time…
Emma Grey owns a bakery in a cozy retail village outside the bustle of Seattle. She has recipes for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Bar Cookies and even Vegan Chocolate Date Delights. She doesn’t, however, have a recipe for love and romance.

Björn spends half his time as a fisherman in the dangerous waters of Alaska, and the other half following his father’s advice never to marry.

When they attend a Valentine’s Day Ball, they are accidentally thrown back in time to the French Revolution. Surrounded by revolutionists, their only chance to find their path home is to work together.

Most couples need one matchmaker to help them overcome their barriers.
Emma and Björn will need three. Read an Excerpt…



“Anything is possible if you love someone deeply enough. . .even miracles.”

With the last lines in her mother’s favorite movie, Brigadoon, fresh in her mind, Irene Redmond embarks on a journey. She expects to find answers to family secrets, instead she meets a man whose kisses awaken long ago dreams of a happily ever after. But if they don’t make it back to their own time by midnight on Christmas Eve, their romance will end before it has a chance of a beginning. Read an Excerpt…



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Emerald City 2000 Keeper Award
Nominee, Romance Readers Anonymous Award for Best Time Travel Romance

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ISBN 0-7434-1795-X
$6.95 U.S./$10.50 Can.
Montana smoke jumper William MacAlpin journeys back to the 16th century, and to Queen Mary’s court, to prevent a ruthless immortal from altering history. There he must battle his overwhelming attraction to Isabel de Pinze, a gifted painter whose own destiny may destroy William in his immortal quest. Read an Excerpt…


Pocket Books
ISBN 0-743-41794-1
$6.50 U.S. $8.99 Can.
Conor McCloud returns from the Crusades to find his uncle has taken possession of Inverness, the McCloud castle. Conor vows to reclaim his family home and seeks out a magical woman from another time and place, a woman said to have the power to heal the land and return the castle to its rightful laird. Read an Excerpt…



Pocket Books
ISBN 0-743-40341-X
$7.99 U.S. $10.99 Can.
New York Times Bestseller
Nominee, Paranormal Romance P.E.A.R.L. Award for Best Anthology

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