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20Welcome to the launch of my blog and website. As you can see from my website, I have a love of all things Celtic. In fact, the first person to guess where the magic is hidden in the banner will receive one of my books. (Your choice)

My blog will be divided into the following parts. The Craft of Writing. Celtic Legends, Upcoming Events or Industry News and Updates on my next book. Lets get going!

The Craft of Writing:
As many of you know, I teach Popular Fiction I and II, at the University of Washington Extension. (Popular Fiction I is designed to help authors realize their dream of writing a novel, through workshops on character development, plot structure and theme. Popular Fiction II’s goal is to give authors the tools needed to revise and polish their novel) Anyway, in preparing my lesson plan, I discovered a devise, taught by author Robert McKee, that is now my favorite thing in developing characters. Contradictions.

The short version is that your Protagonist must have the most contradictions. Now here is where it gets fun. All of us have many sides. We can be happy in the morning, and by the end of a work day, mired in the muck of the “sad swamp” of hating our job. We are fearless when we set our goals of a publishing career, yet plummet into fear of failure when we receive a rejection letter. Sometimes we are wise, and other times we are weak. We can be strong in some areas, yet weak in others. And on and on. (Hamlet had close to eleven contradictions)

How many contradictions does the protagonist in your story have? If she or he has three or four, your other characters must have less.

Work on this idea, and let me know how you’re doing. Next time we’ll discuss how contradictions work to make not only your protagonist stronger, but round out your secondary characters as well.

Happy Writing – Pam




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