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Writing Tips

The Sense of TASTE
How do we learn? You’re probably wondering what an odd question. But ponder the question for a moment.
In school, we are taught through listening to a lecture, through reading textbooks or through writing down answers or constructing sentences. When you read a novel those same principles are in


Writing Tips – The Six Senses – first in a six part series.
                 THE SENSE OF TOUCH
We all have a story to tell. Some of us shout it from the rooftop, while others share the tale by a cozy fire. That doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that our story holds

August Eve

August Eve or Lughnassandh is one of the three main Celtic Festivals: Samhain, in the Fall, Bealtaine in Spring and Lughnassadh, in summer.  Lughnassadh is celebrated when the harvest is over, and the fruits and grains are stored and ready for use during the long months ahead.
Lughnassadh is also named for the Irish


a: teller of stories,
b: a reciter of tales,
c: a writer of stories.
I recently researched a topic for a welcome letter for the PNWA writer’s conference that I’d like to share.  It discusses what it means to be a storyteller.
The word in its current form, dates as far back


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