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How Historical Characters Add Layers To Your Novel.

Julia Child

Each book I write contains either the mention, or a cameo of a real-life historical character. I love weaving these characters into my stories, but there is always a reason for their involvement. My goal is to recreate the feeling I experienced when I read my first romance novel in fourth grade, Forever Amber. Real-life historical characters have their own story to tell and add a richness to the setting, while they teach the main characters. I consider these real-life people, mentors.

In my current novel, Falling in Love with Emma, the challenge was not WHO to include, but how could I choose after my initial selection. You see, I’d watched the movie, Julia and Julia and knew Julia Child would play a role in my next novel. The character who wrote the blog in the movie was the inspiration for Emma. Like the gal in the movie, Emma loved everything French and was an amazing chef.

Emma had also inherited a French bakery and longed to return to Paris, but was afraid. Like the movie, Julia and Julia, Emma needed Julia Child’s strength to push her in the right direction. But I didn’t stop with Julia. Emma meets Mary Wollstonecraft when she travels back in time with Bjorn, the fisherman, and longtime friend she keeps at a distance. Mary Wollstonecraft who was a pioneer in feministic thinking and writing and the mother of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein. Both women, like Julia Child were fearless. The independence of these women helped Emma realize she had been living her mother’s dream, and not her own.

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When Plots Fail

Chocolate Sponge Candy – When Plots Fail
This picture doesn’t tell the whole story. If you look at it at the different angles, the glob of caramel and chocolate might look tasty. News flash – it’s not. The candy tastes like a cross between sticky taffy, and playdough. It is an embarrassing fact that

Chocolate and the Craft of Writing: Preparation and Planning

Whether you make dessert or write a story — preparation is critical.
The beginning of a story starts with the question; What if? For example, the idea for my series, The Matchmaker Café, came to me while my husband and I were traveling in Scotland. We were both taking pictures and I was narrowing

Where do story ideas come from?

Last week I was invited to a bookclub to discuss my book,The Inscription.  These amazing readers call themselves the Bibliobabes.  They asked me where I got the inspiration for my novel, Christmas in the Highlands.
That really was a cool story in itself.
I was cleaning out some old keepsakes I’d found that belonged to

Is The “Kilt” A Noun Or A Verb?

Is the “Kilt” a noun or a verb?  —–   Actually, it’s both!

Because I write about stories set in Scotland, naturally I’ve done research on the topic. And what better way to do research than to actually visit the place.
When my husband and I visited Edinburgh I bought a book on the proper

Killer Whales – legends – myths – folklore

When I started doing research for Warrior Rising, I already knew it was going to involve killer whales. What I discovered was that the First People tribes of Canada and Alaska had an amazing legend.  They avoided hunting killer whales because they quite literally believed that killer whales were their ancestors.  Also, when

A writer’s dream come true!

Writing WARRIOR RISING felt like a dream come true and all because Terry Persun asked if I wanted to write a spin-off story based on his Doublesight series that is on Kindle Worlds.  The story was so fun to research and write. The evolution of why I chose whales began in February, 2015.  It’s


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