Writer’s Block

What do writer’s block and the black plague have in common? Both have the ability to strike denial and fear without warning. The good news is that, unlike the black plague, no one has ever died from writer’s block. In fact, many have grown quite rich from promoting the latest and greatest theory on how

Bridget – Goddess of Inspiration

A word is more lasting,
 than all the riches of the world.
                 From a Connacht Love Song
Bridget, often called the “Flame of Ireland,” was born at sunrise and her birth celebrated with fire. Her father was know as the Dagda, who the Celts believed was an earth god responsible for life and death.

Mother’s Day

Originally, Mother’s Day was created as a way to help mend the pain caused by the Civil War.
Although not quite a Celtic Legend, Mother’s Day, was inspired by those countries that celebrated Goddesses and respected the important role of mothers. In ancient times, the Egyptians celebrated the mother deity, Isis, who was

Writer’s Retreat

Writer’s Retreat
 A word is more lasting than all
the riches of the world.
from a Connacht Love Song
 Make a Writer’s Retreat a reality. Many authors dream of getting away. Yet the same questions of who, what, when, where and how, that cause writer’s block, sometimes grind those goals to a halt.
Who should I bring?

Celtic Legends – Bealtaine

Bealtaine – May 1st.
If not a bowl of thy sweet cream,
Then a cup to bring me cheer,
For who knows when we shall meet again
To go Maying another year.  Cornish Folk Song
Happy May 1st. Bealtaine is perhaps one of the most long-lived and adaptive festivals. Many claim it was celebrated in

Welcome to PamBinder.com

Welcome to the launch of my blog and website. As you can see from my website, I have a love of all things Celtic. In fact, the first person to guess where the magic is hidden in the banner will receive one of my books. (Your choice)
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