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With the re-release of THE QUEST, I was reminded how much I love anything to do with Scottish Highlanders. So much so, that I have started to write the sequel to THE INSCRIPTION about my clan of immortal highlanders. (Yes, I was a HUGE fan of the Highlander TV series with Adrian Paul).

A sequel means research. And where better to start than with Scottish lore, folklore and superstitions.

Because the Scots lived close to the land, many of their stories were based on nature. The rowan tree (mountain ash) was considered a good luck charm. Most Highland huts had one growing by the door to protect everyone living inside. No boat set sail without a sprig of it to guard against storms.

Crows were associated with death and disaster. If you heard a raven call before you set off on a journey that foretold misfortune on the way. The eagle was a symbol of strength, its feathers thought to possess magic that insured longevity. (This magic feather fits perfectly into my sequel as my main characters are immortals).

We’ve all heard that cats are the familiars of witches, but Highlanders considered toads and hares a witch’s familiar as well. You could kill a witch with a silver bullet when she shifted into a hare. A dog howling at night was a bad sign, but if a strange one entered the house it meant a new friendship would soon follow.

There were stories about the days of the week. Sunday was considered a lucky day on to be born or get married. It was unlucky to kill hogs on Monday, but a lucky day for visions. Tuesday was the day when you were most likely to feel unsettled. It was unlucky to travel on a Wednesday. Thursday was a day for work, Friday the day for lust, love and pleasure and Saturday a day for planting. All these rules confirmed the belief that the Scots were very organized. They had a day for everything.How does research lead to story ideas? If you haven’t come up with any so far, I’ve included a few writing prompts to help jump start your inspiration.

  • What happens when your hero shoots a hare with a silver bullet only to discover it is a beautiful witch?
  • What happens when your main characters believe they don’t need to bring along a spring of a rowan tree when they set sail on a long journey?
  • What happens when your heroine only gets visions on a Tuesday?

Have fun!

Is The “Kilt” A Noun Or A Verb?

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Because I write about stories set in Scotland, naturally I’ve done research on the topic. And what better way to do research than to actually visit the place.
When my husband and I visited Edinburgh I bought a book on the proper

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Vegan Mama

Vegan Chocolate Date Delights
For fun, I thought I’d talk about vegan desserts.  It’s true that you won’t have as big a sweet tooth once you venture into “Vegan Land”, but there are times when a sweet treat is a MUST HAVE.  If you’re in a hurry for that sugar high, try snacking on dates.

Vegan Mama


This vegan zucchini recipe was a surprise.  First it was a lot easier to make than I’d thought it would be.  Second, it looked very pretty, and third, it was delicious, especially with the Horseradish Beet Dressing.  I used a lot more than the ½ lemon the recipe called for and it didn’t

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Potato Pizza
Maybe because I love pizza and this seemed as close as I had gotten in a month, I was gobbling it up. I used a baked, and cooled, russet potato, sliced it and then layered it on a glass baking pan I’d greased lightly with Flax Seed oil. When the potato pizza was done,

Summer Solstice

“On the Summer Solstice …
Whatever is dreamed on this night,
will come to pass.”
—William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
First the boring definition: “Summer Solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet’s semi-axis in a given hemisphere is most inclined toward the star that it orbits. Earth’s maximum axial

Vegan Mama Recipes

Potato Cakes with Beets and Romaine Salad.

Selecting the Potato Cake recipe the day after the Stuffed Peppers was a happy coincidence, so keep that in mind.  I used two russet potatoes, one yam and two small white potatoes.  I had one of the stuffed peppers left over from the previous night so that was the


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