Where do story ideas come from?

Feather pen for Writing TipsLast week I was invited to a bookclub to discuss my book,The Inscription.  These amazing readers call themselves the Bibliobabes.  They asked me where I got the inspiration for my newest novel, Christmas in the Highlands.

That really was a cool story in itself.

I was cleaning out some old keepsakes I’d found that belonged to my grandmother and found a gold locket.  Because I’m an author, and of course the curious type, I tried to open it, but it wouldn’t budge.  The more I tried, the more I wondered what could be inside.  Then an idea blossomed. Was the locket soldered closed to hide a secret?locket

BLAM.  The idea for my Christmas novel took hold.  I still haven’t opened the locket. I’m thinking that there is a reason why it has been kept a secret for so long, but I realized something else.  Authors get their ideas from asking questions and then thinking- what if?  What did a shoe wash onto shore?  Where is Maylasian Flight 370?  But don’t overlook the seemingly innocent things that happen to you everyday.  Why did you bump into a friend that you hadn’t seen in five years?  Why did your battery die?  There are logical explanations for all of these questions.  As authors we look for the extraordinary. Keep asking questions.

So where do you get your story ideas?

Writing Tips

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