August Eve

My garden in August

August Eve or Lughnassandh is one of the three main Celtic Festivals: Samhain, in the Fall, Bealtaine in Spring and Lughnassadh, in summer.  Lughnassadh is celebrated when the harvest is over, and the fruits and grains are stored and ready for use during the long months ahead.

Lughnassadh is also named for the Irish sun God, LUGH

But what set him apart?

First his father was one of the Tuatha De Danann, and his mother was Fomorian.  The marriage between his parents was meant to bring these two warring factions together.  It was a rocky alliance at best.  The Femorians grew more and more warlike and the crops suffered.  This was a time when all things were connected.

And second, when Lugh grew to manhood he set out to serve the current king of the Tuatha De Dannann but the gatekeeper would not let him pass unless he had a skill with which he could serve the king.  Lugh asked if they needed a smith, a champion, a swordsman, a harpist, a hero, a poet, a historian, a sorcerer, or a craftsman.  The gatekeeper told him that they already had those jobs filled.  But when Lugh told the gatekeeper that he could do all sills simultaneously, Lugh gained entrance.

Third.  In the battle that showcased all of his talents, Lugh defeated the Femorians and brought life back to the land.  In memory of his triumph, he instituted a harvest festival in August.  The festival survived long into Christian times and is still celebrated under a variety of names. Lunasa is now the Irish name for the month of August.

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